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WASH Alliance program Kenya


Titre : WASH Alliance program Kenya

Pays : Kenya

Date/Durée : 2011 – 2015

With the focus of the Dutch WASH alliance being on sustainability, the Kenya program focuses at improving technical and financial sustainability by introducing innovative and low-cost technologies. With those low-cost technologies being available through the local private sector, both cost of installation and repair of (subsidised) water points will be reduced. When combined with (micro) finance options, communities and individual households can be stimulated to work towards self supply of water, reducing the role for government and NGO’s as providers of water points.

* Feasibility studies for low cost technology in Mashuru, Kajiado, Namanga, Loitokitok * Program design for low cost drilling for multiple use of water in Namanga * Exchange Kenyan workshop to Uganda to be trained in tool fabrication of manual drilling equipment * Exchange visit of Kenyan drillers with the Ugandan WASH alliance program to be trained in manual drilling and low cost pump installation * Local production of manual drilling kits in Kajiado town & local sourcing of raw materials * Follow-up visit to check on quality of drilling materials and selection of drilling sites * Discussions with local banks in Kajiado to facilitate start-up credit for local enterprises as part of a guarantee fund * Drilling supervision for 2 drilling enterprises drilling 3 wells in Namanga * Installation of pumps ; Canzee pump, Rope pump, India no. 6 * Business skills training organised in Uganda for workshop artisans and drillers *Geo-hydrology training organised in Uganda for drillers * Distance coaching for drilling of privately owned wells * Workshop for introduction of WaterCompass tool

* A number of capable and professional private enterprises that can deliver water services to government, NGO’s, communities and individuals * Awareness of government, NGO’s, communities and individuals about low-cost water technologies * Availability of finance options that support communities and individuals in making the funds available needed for acquiring the technologies

Budget : Dutch Wash Alliance € 100,000

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