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Bringing Green to Afghanistan


Titre : Bringing Green to Afghanistan

Pays : Afghanistan

Date : 2010-03-12 // 2014-01-24

After 30+ years of war, Afghanistan’s natural environment has been devastated. AIL will help Afghans grow, nurture and learn about the conservation and use of plants indigenous to their country.

Decades of war have devastated Afghanistan’s natural environment. Indigenous trees and plants are disappearing. Afghans have lost the knowledge of what plants to use for medicines, dyes, soap and other uses. The Afghan Institute of Learning will develop a Green Afghanistan workshop, train 300 teachers, establish conservation plots with native Afghan plants (maintained by students and clinic patients) in 15 educational centers and 5 clinics benefiting 206,000 Afghans.

Center students and clinic patients will establish and care for plants in conservation plots. AIL will train teachers and teachers will teach students and patients about the uses, care and conservation of native Afghan plants.

200,000 Afghans annually will experience the healing environment of having plants in their daily life and will learn how to plant, nurture, use and conserve native plants. Potentially these Afghans will grow plants in their own homes and environment.

Organization Information : Afghan Institute of Learning

Budget : €4,369

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