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100 Mothers Literacy Program


Titre : 100 Mothers Literacy Program

Pays : Afghanistan

Date : 2009-04-16 // 2012-06-11

This project provides 100 mothers in rural villages in Afghanistan with basic literacy program for a three- month period of time per term.

100MLP addresses the greatest means to all other issues, illiteracy. The main focus of 100MLP is rural areas of Afghanistan that never had school before. However, our project has began in a small village, Eskar located in the northeast of Afghanistan.The project provides teachers, books, stationaries, facilities, and anything necessary for basic literacy training.

e provide a classroom of 10 - 15 mothers with a teacher, and supplies for 100 mothers per term (3 months. Provide training for teachers who has not necessarily taught before. We hold class workshops on health and child care topics)

This project will enable 350 mothers how to read and write resulting to self-suffiiency and better household conditions.

Organization Information : 100 Mothers Literacy Program

Budget : €9,244

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