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Keep Afghan Children Off the Streets and In School


Titre : Keep Afghan Children Off the Streets and In School

Pays : Afghanistan

Date : 2017-06-12 // 2019-06-15

There are tens of thousands of children working on the streets in Afghanistan today whose lives have been disrupted by years of war. Aschiana Foundation supports the NGO Aschiana in Afghanistan, which serves thousands of children working on the streets in Kabul and in IDP camps throughout the provinces. Aschiana takes in these children and provides them with the support they need to succeed through education, hot meals, and more. Aschiana has served more than 80,000 children since 1995.

Extreme economic desperation and years of war have forced tens of thousands of children in Afghanistan onto the streets to work when they should be in school. These children’s income is vital to supporting their family. A fragmented public school system means many children fall through the cracks. Between poverty and a lack of education, these children have few places to turn.

Aschiana provides education, meals, vocational and art classes, after school sports, hygiene kits, and more to children who would otherwise be working on the streets. All the programs work together to make sure children have everything they need to thrive. In this way, Aschiana provides a sense of stability in a child’s hectic life.

After Aschiana, some students enter the workforce, support their families, or continue their educations. Some even return to work for Aschiana. With an educated population, Afghanistan is on the path to peace. Educated, well-nourished children grow up to be mentally and physically healthy and are better able to support their families and communities.

Organization Information : Aschiana Foundation

Budget : €11,084

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