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Cheerful Winter in Afghanistan


Titre : Cheerful Winter in Afghanistan

Pays : Afghanistan

Date : 2017-11-28 // 2018-01-13

Make the cold winter in Afghanistan a warm and joyful time of education and fun for hundreds of underprivileged children. 540 disadvantaged girls and boys in Kabul, Herat and Mazaresharif will be enjoying the best time of their lives in this January and February. The deprived children will be safe and secure from the cold and bitterness of the winter while learning English, Computer, different Artistic, Social and Life Skills while having enormous fun with circus arts.

According to UNICEF, Afghanistan is among the worst countries to be a child in. The coming harsh winter will not make it any better for the children or easier for the parents. Afghanistan is a country with so many children and not much of childhood.

We are organizing a big Winter program for 540 Underprivileged (45% girls) in January and February in Kabul, Mazaresharif, and Herat . We keep the kids warm and teach them social and life skills, by joyful activities such as games and circus arts and also classes such as English, Computer and Calligraphy. We provide the frames where the kids can be kids and gain the skills and the joy to transform their cold winter to a cheerful treasure for the rest of their lives

This is a unique chance for 540 children who are deprived of their childhood, a window to a brighter future, helping them to review the life, and make a better future free from traumas of the past. They learn different artistic, social and life skills as well as developing their personalities which all together help them to be creative and also in different ways contribute to their communities.

Organization Information : Mobile Mini Circus for Children

Budget : €6,382

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