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100 Scholarships for At-risk Youth in Afghanistan


Titre : 100 Scholarships for At-risk Youth in Afghanistan

Pays : Afghanistan

Date : 2018-03-12

This project will provide 100 yearly scholarships to at-risk youth, particularly girls and victims of terrorism, for Afghanistan’s most impoverished and marginalized Hazara communities. Through partnership with reputable grassroots K-12 organizations in Afghanistan, the Foundation has designed a low-cost merit and need-based scholarship program to provide quality education. Our partners, Marefat, Baba and Rahnaward Schools offer progressive education with emphasis on critical thinking.

Hazaras are the poorest and most marginalized group in Afghanistan. Ethnically distinct due to their Asiatic features coupled with Shi’a faith sets them apart from other Afghans, including the predominant Pashtoons. Despite the Hazaras being peaceful, they have benefitted very little from the international development assistance in the past 20 years. In addition, they are under targeted attacks by the Taliban and Islamic state terrorist groups - with genocidal intent by said perpetrators.

We have designed a low-cost scholarship program in partnership with reliable grassroots community-organized and community-sustained K-12s that have demonstrated a sound track-record of service and low overhead. Through this partnership, we provide merit and need-based scholarships to youth, particularly girls and victims of terrorism, in the Hazara communities. Since 2016, we have provided 526 Scholarships. The education will open new gateways and alter the trajectory of the their lives.

This project has the potential of educating 100s of at-risk youth in multiple schools in several provinces in Afghanistan, a portion earmarked for student victims of terrorism. This can become a scholarship corridor between the Foundation in the US and grassroots organizations in Afghanistan. The system we’ve built is one that’s scalable with minimal increase in time and resources. Now that it’s up and running, if we exceed our funding goals, we can easily increase the number of students.

Organization Information : Bamyan Foundation

Budget : €82,082

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