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Women’s Learning Center in Mir Bacha Kot


Titre : Women’s Learning Center in Mir Bacha Kot

Pays : Afghanistan

Date : 2003-05-20 // 2004-07-22

Empowering rural Afghan women through the provision of education and training opportunities as well as basic health services.

Mir Bacha Kot is a rural community in Afghanistan, north of Kabul. No education has been available to women and girls in Mir Bacha Kot for the last decade under the Taliban regime. Recent patterns of civil strife in Afghanistan have destroyed about 95% of its infrastructure and services. The Mir Bacha Kot Women’s Learning Center is currently operating in homes.

This center offers teacher training, English, literacy, math, and computer classes. Skills like sewing and carpet weaving are also taught. Leadership and human rights classes teach women how to assert their rights in a culturally sensitive way.

This project will result in the increased education of Afghan women in the region. The knowledge of income generating skills, as well as leadership skills will help these women to support themselves and their families.

Organization Information : Afghan Institute of Learning

Budget : €2,697

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