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Help 50 Afghan Farmers Plant Fruit Trees


Titre : Help 50 Afghan Farmers Plant Fruit Trees

Pays : Afghanistan

Date : 2014-04-10 // 2014-10-21

Providing fruit trees for 50 Afghan farmers will support sustainable livelihoods and help renew the environment. Tree planting will take place in 5 villages outside of Kabul where GPFA currently has ongoing community projects. Each farmer will receive 50-100 trees in an effort to develop new commercially viable orchards on individual jeribs of land (equivalent to about half an acre). The fruit harvested from these trees is anticipated to increase the income of each farm household by 25%.

Seventy-five percent of Afghans rely on agriculture to support their livelihoods, yet many of Afghanistan’s fruit trees were destroyed during decades of conflict and war, having a negative impact on farmers’ livelihoods and the local environment. The lack of viable fruit orchards has contributed to the food crisis in Afghanistan and resulting malnutrition widely felt by the Afghan population. Additionally, the local environment has suffered from degraded soil, water, and air quality.

Since 2004, GPFA has helped Afghan farmers plant 9.25 million trees, increasing household incomes by an average of 25%. Along with economic benefits, planting fruit trees enhances the local environment by providing oxygen and lessening CO2 to combat climate change, improving water quality, and making the soil more fertile. GPFA will provide farmers with saplings and the required training to learn the basics of planting, pruning, growth and pest control, tree nutrition, irrigation,and harvesting.

This project will not only increase farmer incomes, but will renew the environment, and provide fresh fruit at the micro-level in an otherwise food insecure country. With locally grown fresh fruit, farmers will be able to increase their fruit production year after year, contributing to the sustainability of their livelihoods and the renewal of the land.

Organization Information : Global Partnership for Afghanistan

Budget : €1,120

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