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Revitalize Local Food Production in Afghanistan


Titre : Revitalize Local Food Production in Afghanistan

Pays : Afghanistan

Date : 2014-12-01 // 2015-03-02

The Samsortya partners are committed to replanting the forests, gardens, and orchards in their communities. Verdant forests and abundant gardens once made Afghanistan self-sufficient in food production and accounted for 50% of Afghanistan’s GDP. Deforested landscapes, mudslides, destroyed farms, severe malnutrition and loss of basic human dignity is not the Afghanistan we accept. These courageous communities know exactly how to accomplish this. All they need is our support.

A traditionally self-sustaining farming population forced to import food and fuel as a result of war & violence is unacceptable. Samsortya, the Pashto word for Revitilization is a grass roots community driven effort towards this end. Afghan women and men know exactly what they need in terms of seeds, plants, infrastructure and tools but they don’t have access to economic start-up funds. Malnourished children want desperately to contribute to their own food resilient systems of tomorrow.

At Afghanistan Samsortya, we directly address the challenges of environmental degradation, with the recognition that a healthy environment is crucial for economic and social well-being. Samsortya’s Afghan partners possess valuable farming skills, and vast knowledge of their environment, passed from generation to generation. Each donation allows us to plant larger quantities of seeds, take more cuttings and yield greater numbers of saplings, fruit and nut trees for shade, food and economic gain

Every human being has the right to retain their knowledge and ability to pursue traditional sustainable food production for health, welfare and economic self-reliance. The livelihood of Afghans especially women, children and the elderly have been severely disrupted by 35 years of War & Violence. Join Samsortya in our 7th year of intercontinental partnership to deliver real time problem solving and documented results. Trees planted now will be the forests and resilient food networks of tomorrow.

Organization Information : The Afghanistan Samsortya

Budget : €2,298

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