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Train 60 girls in computer coding in Afghanistan


Titre : Train 60 girls in computer coding in Afghanistan

Pays : Afghanistan

Date : 2015-08-26 // 2019-03-29

87% of Afghan women will experience gender-based violence. There are strong gender stereotypes that limit women’s choices, both within the home and their communities. Girls Can Code raises the status of women in Afghanistan by giving them much sought-after skills in computer literacy, coding and English. We also secure internships for our students so they can gain invaluable work experience. With your support, we will train 60 young women in vocational skills and help transform their lives.

Afghanistan is a country struggling to achieve peace and stability. It is a challenging context, but particularly for women. Strong gender stereotypes prevent women from participating fully and freely in society. In many communities there remains a stigma against educating girls. Sadly there are currently few role models to which young girls can aspire.

Working in partnership with communities and the students’ families, this project will give 60 girls key vocational skills in computing, coding and English that will help them continue their studies and secure stable, well-paid employment when they enter the jobs market. This will boost their confidence and enable them to fulfil their potential.

Our programme not only looks at the immediate challenge of educating young women, but also of helping them find meaningful employment. We do this by working with local companies to secure internships. These give the young women valuable experience of applying their skills to a workplace. By taking on interns from our programme, employers also gain insights into the skills on offer amongst young women. In this way, we are helping to challenge stereotypes and present positive role models.

Organization Information : The Womanity Foundation

Budget : €5,563

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