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Transform Lives of Afghanistan’s Most Forgotten


Titre : Transform Lives of Afghanistan’s Most Forgotten

Pays : Afghanistan

Date : 2011-10-31 // 2022-02-02

Afghanistan is one of world’s worst countries for women. Women and girls from backgrounds of trauma and abuse face particularly grim futures.Too often, their own families cast them out and threaten them with violence or death. Hagar Afghanistan’s Transitional Care Center will provide holistic services to victims with no other options. Hagar does whatever it takes, for as long as it takes, to transform their lives.

In a war-torn country with a weak economy, widespread poverty, and little access to education and employment, young girls are especially at risk. Unwed girls who are raped, abused, and/or become pregnant have limited options. Rejected by their own families, they have no safe place to go. In a country of overwhelming need, Hagar’s Transitional Care Center serves the most forgotten.

Hagar’s Transitional Care Center (TCC) will serve women and girls who cannot go home due to the threat of violence or death. When no alternatives exist, Hagar’s TCC will provide a safe place for them to live. Hagar will provide trauma counseling, education, vocational training and sustainable work opportunities. An individualized reintegration plan is designed for each woman. Hagar commits to do whatever it takes, for as long as it takes, to transform each individual’s life.

This project will serve women and children fleeing violence. It will provide emotional and physical healing through counseling, education and job training. We will restore broken lives of some of the most rejected women of Afghanistan. Thirty women and children will be served.

Organization Information : Hagar USA, which supports the work of Hagar International

Budget : €8,508

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