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Provide Medical Care to Street Children in Kabul


Titre : Provide Medical Care to Street Children in Kabul

Pays : Afghanistan

Date : 2012-04-01 // 2016-01-29

American Medical Overseas Relief (AMOR) will provide free, lifesaving medical services at a clinic on the grounds of the Aschiana School for Street Children in Kabul Afghanistan. Highly qualified physicians & support staff will provide 6000 children registered at the school, and their families, with urgent care, antibiotics and vaccines. Age appropriate health education classes will be taught daily. The pain & suffering of many children without previous access to care will be alleviated.

Afghanistan has suffered 30 years of war and civil conflict leaving Kabul a city with an estimated 60,000 children who work on the streets daily to earn money to feed their families. Aschiana pays the family of a registered child allowing them to come to school rather than work. However, medical services are not accessible to them. They have no transportation to a clinic and their families are reluctant to let them seek medical attention because the child is the primary financial provide

AMOR’s clinic at the school will bring free health care and education to the children attending the school eliminating the need for a child to seek care elsewhere. Medical care can be given during the regular hours the child is away from the street and not interfere with their wage earning. Through education, good health practices can be introduced and supported decreasing both preventable and chronic disease. Prompt attention to trauma will improve quality of life.

The project will improve the health of the 6000 registered street children in the Aschiana school system, their siblings and families. By providing easy access to free medical care, treatment with vaccinations and proper antibiotics will dramatically improve long term health and help eliminate preventable disease in the area. As the elements of healthy living are implemented and reinforced through continued education entire communities will experience improved well-being.

Organization Information : American Medical Overseas Relief (AMOR)

Budget : €10,919

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