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Afghanistan Rural Information Network Expansion


Titre : Afghanistan Rural Information Network Expansion

Pays : Afghanistan

Date : 2005-04-13 // 2008-04-01

Equal Access’ satellite radios and broadcasts provide rural Afghans with access to vital information about topics such as teacher training, human rights and land-mine awareness.

Most Afghan communities have historically been isolated and therefore unable to receive vital health and education information. Equal Access’ radio broadcasts and leadership training services provide villagers with access to important development information. By expanding the range of information available to the most isolated and underserved populations, Equal Access encourages and enables the development of an informed, empowered and active community.

Just $1,200 provides one rural Afghan community with a reliable satellite radio, training for local village leaders and access to engaging and educational radio programs that focus on issues such as health, human rights, and teacher training.

By promoting civic literacy and access to information, this project equips Afghans with tools to make informed decisions, thereby enabling communities to improve their economic conditions and make positive changes in their lives.

Organization Information : Equal Access International

Budget : €942

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