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Vital Job-Skills Training for 500 Afghan Women


Titre : Vital Job-Skills Training for 500 Afghan Women

Pays : Afghanistan

Date : 2007-10-26 // 2013-03-04

By providing 500 women with job-skills training, Afghan women can participate in the reconstruction of their communities, helping them not just to live but to thrive.

Despite the fall of the Taliban, social indicators for women in Afghanistan remain starkly low. There are few economic opportunities for women, as well as a large educational gap left by Taliban policies that forbade women from attending school. Women for Women International will provide vocational and technical skills training so women are equipped with the resources to earn an income, helping them support their families and rebuild their communities.

500 women will receive training in skills viable in their economy such as jewelry production, shoe-making, agri-business and food production. Women will also receive business training, including basic accounting, pricing and marketing.

Helping women move from victim to survivor to active citizen benefits families, communities and nations. Program graduates have become businesswomen, farmers and community leaders ; supporting our conviction that stronger women build stronger nations

Organization Information : Women for Women International

Budget : €19,390

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