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Help Afghan Women Deliver Healthy Babies Safely


Titre : Help Afghan Women Deliver Healthy Babies Safely

Pays : Afghanistan

Date : 2008-08-05 // 2016-09-30

Help reduce high maternal and infant mortality rates with reproductive health care and education. Give 12,000 women antenatal and postnatal care, protecting their health during pregnancy and delivery.

It is dangerous giving birth in Afghanistan ! An alarming number of Afghan women and babies die during pregnancy and delivery. Most women deliver babies at home without the assistance of trained medical staff. AIL offers lifesaving healthcare to pregnant women and babies through its clinics. AIL also educates women about their reproductive health so that they can make healthy and safer choices during pregnancy and delivery.

12,000 Afghan women will receive antenatal and postnatal care, midwifery care, family planning, education on women’s reproductive health, delivery kits for home birth, and intervention for high-risk pregnancies and births.

Thousands of women who could have lost their lives or their newborns during pregnancy and delivery will be saved. Women will learn how to prevent complications during pregnancy and delivery and protect their long-term reproductive health.

Organization Information : Afghan Institute of Learning

Budget : €19,656

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