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Build a Rural Community Center in Herat


Titre : Build a Rural Community Center in Herat

Pays : Afghanistan

Date : 2005-09-01 // 2009-06-25

Build two rooms for providing education, health education, medical services, and community outreach for poor, internally displaced, ethnic minority families in rural villages of Herat, Afghanistan.

War and the subsequent Taliban regime in Afghanistan have demolished the country’s infrastructure. Most buildings have been leveled, especially in rural areas. As communities struggle to organize schools and health services to meet urgent local needs, they have nowhere for people to gather. Some generous community members offer the small places they have available in their homes, but these temporary arrangements limit the scope of services that can be provided.

A permanent community building will offer a permanent solution to one community’s health and education service provision needs. Your donation will help us build two large community rooms in a rural village in Herat, Afghanistan.

A two-room community center is an investment in a community struggling to reconstruct itself after decades of violence. This project will help people take a tangible step toward reconstruction for peace

Organization Information : Afghan Institute of Learning

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