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Saving Lives by Training Women Health Workers


Titre : Saving Lives by Training Women Health Workers

Pays : Afghanistan

Date : 2005-09-01 // 2007-03-06

An intensive training course in nursing and health education will be provided to 30 Afghan women who will respond to Afghanistan’s health crisis by treating tens of thousands of patients each year.

Taliban restrictions and war made healthcare unavailable to Afghan women—with deadly consequences. Today, Afghan women suffer the world’s highest maternal mortality rate. Afghans strongly prefer that women receive healthcare from other women, but few female doctors and nurses exist. Training female nurses and health educators quickly increases women’s access to quality healthcare, especially reproductive healthcare, and saves lives.

Nurses and health educators learn over 100 medical topics in 3- to 9-month courses. Nurses complete practical work with patients as part of training. They provide vaccinations, health education, care for pregnant mothers and other medical care.

These courses will ease shortages of trained Afghan female health workers. Graduates will work in clinics and hospitals, treating hundreds of Afghan women and children each day.

Organization Information : Afghan Institute of Learning

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