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Botswana’s future environmental stewards


Titre : Botswana’s future environmental stewards

Pays : Botswana

Date : 2020-11-23

This project will provide stimulating and fun environmental education for 4 schools (140 students) in rural Botswana ; teaching children ecological concepts, environmental awareness and problem-solving through games and hands-on activities. These activities will build the environmental stewards of tomorrow, enabling them to tackle the issues rural communities face, and will increasingly face due to climatic changes and competition for resources, as well as prepare them for future employment.

Climate change is already having a dramatic effect in Botswana, not least by bringing wildlife onto community lands. 70% of people in the communities we work with rely on subsistence farming and crop-raiding elephants are therefore a significant issue. Consequently, children in these communities believe that wildlife is a problem, rather than understanding its benefits. Empowering local children with knowledge, skills and a fascination for the natural world will achieve long-lasting change.

Partnering with 4 rural schools in central Botswana (3 Primary Schools and 1 Junior Secondary School), we run monthly environmental clubs for ca. 140 children, between 9-16 years old. Our program emphasises teaching children in the outdoors about elephants (of course !), ecology, and general environmental issues. We aim to change the children’s negative perception of wildlife through positive educational experiences and give them the ability to be the future problem solvers of their communities.

We bring quality environmental education into rural schools, empowering 140 children with the skills and knowledge needed to create a sense of ownership for their environment and wildlife, and make them agents for environmental change. Also, by providing specific training in skills needed in the environmental job sector and giving them access to local role models at our annual Job Fair, we encourage increased direct participation of Botswana citizens in the conservation of their biodiversity.

Organization Information : Elephants for Africa

Budget : €8,900

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