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Clean drinking water for 2,500 people in Ouzala

Burkina Faso

Titre : Clean drinking water for 2,500 people in Ouzala

Pays : Burkina Faso

Date : 2012-04-01 // 2016-12-13

WellFound are excited to be expanding into Burkina Faso, a country affected by the dangerous expansion of the Sahara desert due to climate change. We have seen the vast benefits of clean water in Guinea Bissau, Senegal and Kenya, where we have also worked. Benefits such as a high reduction in water-related diseases, and improved safety of women and children, who have had to walk long distances on unsafe routes to collect dirty water. This project will fund our first well in West Burkina.

The Ouzala community was previously able to access water via self-built boreholes, however due to climate change these are drying up and no longer sufficient for their needs. Women and children now have to travel even further from the community to find water increasing risk of attack and back and neck problems as well as children having increased time away from gaining an education. The only water they can now access carries parasites leading to amplified disease such as cholera and dysentery.

The project will build a well of sufficient depth to provide a sustainable water supply for the entire community. This will reduce travelling time for women, who will now be able to work and care for their families, and children, who can now attend school. What’s more, the water will be clean and disease will be heavily reduced !

By having a sustainable water source, the community can rise out of poverty. Disease reduction means less money spent on hospital bills and time caring for the sick. Children accessing education means they are less likely to start families young and can gain a career. There are also many ways in which the water can be used, for example families can grow and sell their own produce through the creation of market gardens.

Organization Information : WellFound

Budget : €3,746

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