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Change the lives of 60 street boys in Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso

Titre : Change the lives of 60 street boys in Burkina Faso

Pays : Burkina Faso

Date : 2013-05-31 // 2016-03-31

The street boys of Bobo Dioulasso have very few life expectations and little hope for their future. Aid to Burkina plans to equip a small garage with tools and machinery for training programs to help 60 young street boys to become electricians, mechanics and joiners/builders. Most of the boys have had no formal education. Initially the students are taught to read and write in French. This raises the boys’ self esteem, improves their career prospects and lifts them out of extreme poverty.

In a society where polygamy is common, families often have more children than can be supported by the combined household income. Younger boys end up fending for themselves on the streets. Without the opportunity for basic education they become unemployable in a labour market where there is a lot of competition for a small number of jobs. Health suffers and hope for change evaporates while poverty becomes more engrained. This project can break this chain and ensure the boys become employable.

The street boys workshop provides the opportunity to gain basic education in numeracy and literacy as well as vocational skills in motorcycle mechanics and building skills including joinery, metalwork, electrical skills and plumbing. Alongside this we teach teamwork at the same time as encouraging physical health through football training.

Once trained the graduates will be better able to find work and provide for their own families, self esteem improved, and petty criminality will be reduced.

Organization Information : Aid to Burkina

Budget : €7,527

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