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Help Ethiopia Feed Itself and Benefit Millions


Titre : Help Ethiopia Feed Itself and Benefit Millions

Pays : Ethiopie

Date : 2014-03-04 // 2015-08-10

Partners in Food Solutions (PFS) improves food security and nutrition across Africa by expanding and increasing the competitiveness of the food processing sector which creates markets for smallholder farmers and increased availability of nutritious foods. This positive transformation occur by delivering customized food technology and business wisdom and solutions from volunteer experts of world-class companies, providing industry-wide training and catalyzing financial investment.

Lack of access to nutritious, safe, affordable food. About 2.5 billion (35% of the world population) live on less than $2 per day. At $2/day most people can afford sufficient calories, but 1 billion still suffer nutritional deficiencies ; 25% are in Sub-Saharan Africa. Ethiopia has one of the highest under-nutrition rates in sub-Saharan Africa : 44% of Ethiopian children under five are stunted and anemic. 60-80% of African farmers are women ; they produce 90% of all food for domestic consumption.

By helping to improve the profitability, capacity, efficiency & product quality of local food companies, PFS seeks to improve the entire food value chain, creating a virtuous cycle of sustainable change. PFS brings a broad range of expertise to food companies in Africa, including : protecting food safety, enhancing nutrition for vulnerable populations, gaining cost savings through lower cost raw materials & packaging, creating sustainable knowledge transfer through Web-based and onsite training.

Over the next five years, PFS plans to work with 1,000 Africa-based food companies, who purchase from more than 1,000,000 local smallholder farmers, impacting an estimated 5 million farmer family members and ultimately benefiting tens of millions of consumers. We will accomplish this by aggregating the power and know-how of food experts who volunteer their time to address unique business challenges to help support the efficient production and distribution of healthy, safe, affordable food.

Organization Information : Partners in Food Solutions

Budget : €4,128

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