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Income Generation for 5,000 Poor Ethiopian Women


Titre : Income Generation for 5,000 Poor Ethiopian Women

Pays : Ethiopie

Date : 2006-02-03 // 2015-09-30

The project will select 5,000 poor women from three regions of Ethiopia ; provide them skills and basic enterprise-management training, a start-up fund and technical assistance for self-reliance.

Ethiopia’s social pressures have made traditional farming practices unsustainable. Women do not own land or other means of production. They depend on men for their livelihoods, making it difficult for them to have control over important choices affecting their lives, including choices about children. This project will provide 5,000 women from poor households with alternative means of income for self-reliance.

Help women choose enterprises and assess markets ; provide technical and enterprise management training. The project also provides start-up funds and monitoring services.

This project will improve the livelihoods of participating women. Their children will have access to school and food, and other families will learn from their success.

Organization Information : Pathfinder International

Budget : €15,740

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