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Help Rural Ethiopians Improve Access to Water


Titre : Help Rural Ethiopians Improve Access to Water

Pays : Ethiopie

Date : 2007-03-16 // 2011-02-25

This project is helping more than 30,000 villagers improve their use of existing water resources. It is rehabilitating natural springs and building wells for better access to clean drinking water.

Communities worldwide depend on water for survival, yet more than 1 billion people lack proper access to clean drinking water. Impacting health, food, climate, transportation and local markets, inadequate water resources and their management can lead to disease, malnutrition, poor economic growth and conflict. Ethiopia’s central areas are drought-prone, and inefficient use of fuel has depleted available resources, creating a chronic water crisis for more than 14 million Ethiopians.

CHF’s programs in Ethiopia are training women about proper hygiene and water usage, fostering effective usage and management through local associations, and building infrastructure such as deep-wells, hand-dug wells, and rehabilitated springs.

Better water usage can improve the environmental conditions that cause drought. Access to clean drinking water frees the women and children, who are forced to carry water from distant sources, to pursue education and income-generating activities.

Organization Information : Global Communities

Budget : €27,785

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