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National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) (2009)

Co-composting of olive-oil mill effluent with olive stone wooden residue (OSWR)

Λοϊζίδης Μιχαήλ

Titre : Co-composting of olive-oil mill effluent with olive stone wooden residue (OSWR)

Auteur : Λοϊζίδης Μιχαήλ

Grade : Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) 2009

Université de soutenance : National Technical University of Athens (NTUA)

This thesis proposes a sustainable solution for the problem of olive mill effluent management, through the co-composting of the wastewater with olive stone wooden residue (OSWR), for the production of a marketable product with good soil conditioning and fertilizing quality. The process studied is based on the evaporation of the excess wastewater moisture, using the exothermic aerobic biological activity witch takes place during the biodegradation of the carbon content of both olive kernel wood (OSWR) and the wastewater. The (OSWR) provides the solid substrate and the readily available carbon which is essential for the composting, whereas the wastewater provides the necessary moisture, as well as part of the biodegradable carbon. In order for this process to be applicable, two limiting factors were set as boundary conditions : i)the satisfactory biological stabilization of the two wastes (OSWR) and wastewater, without the need for external thermal energy input and ii) the availability of the (OSWR) produced at each mill. During the research, appropriate conditions for composting were identified with focus on temperature, moisture, air supply and retention time. The necessary ratio of liquid to solid waste (by weight) needed to be at least 2,5. This ratio represents the production of effluents from an average olive mill in Greece. The product’s quality is such, which render the technology of co-composting viable.

Mots clés : Συγκομποστοποίηση Συγχουμοποίηση Κομποστοποίηση Απόβλητα ελαιοτριβείων Κατσίγαρος Πυρηνόξυλο Εδαφοβελτιωτικό λίπασμα Οργανικό λίπασμα Ελιές Ελαιοκομικά απόβλητα Ελαιοτριβεία Βιώσιμη λύση αποβλήτων ελιάς Εμπορεύσιμα προϊόντα Βιοαντιδραστήρες Αντιδραστήρες Οργανικά υποστρώματα Βιώσιμη επεξεργασία Composting Co-composting Olive oil mill effluent Wastewaters Olive stone wooden residue (OSWR) Soil conditioner and organic fertilizer Olive Olive oil wastewater Olive oil mills Sustainable solution for managing olive waste Marketable products Reactor Bioreactors Organic substrate Sustainable treatment

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