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Support Knowledge to have a Greater Impact


Titre : Support Knowledge to have a Greater Impact

Pays : Iran

Date : 2018-03-12 // 2018-09-11

Current socio economic situation in Iran has proven that the lack of academic freedom results in intellectual relapse and consequently in social and economic stagnation. IA is dedicated to democratization of education and provides inaccessible information to public. Additionally to our educational programs, we are undertaking the Persian branch of CORE Project. This is an award winning open-access platform for those who want to understand economics, inequality and environmental sustainability.

The present economic education in Iran is limited to state sponsored educational system. This withholds information and knowledge from citizens and disallows them to realise the affect of policies and conceptualising solutions for change. Iran is facing many economic challenges and it is more than ever important for the general public to get an understanding of economic thought and methodologies that are available outside mainstream economics.

The goal is to provide an educational tool to empower critical thinking that results into creating a deeper impact within the society. With this project we launch a platform, provide economic educational material free of charge, will be a source for students and educators and will connect them to a global network. The content will be shared in our Economics MOOC and Masters program. This will ensure that the knowledge is spread among a wider target audience and therefore increase the impact.

By providing civic education and create awareness among general public, we seek to empowering the next generation of economists and civic activists who will recognise, address and take charge in changing the socio economic situation to their benefit. Knowledge is the key that opens the lock of change, help us opening it by supporting our cause.

Organization Information : Institute for Social Sciences and Humanities

Budget : €5,204

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