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Help Feed 500 Children in Bam


Titre : Help Feed 500 Children in Bam

Pays : Iran

Date : 2010-11-28 // 2012-01-08

Help feed 500 children and their families this winter. Many of these families are living in cargo containers, tents and other make-shift forms of housing.

After the Bam earthquake in 2006, many families living in poverty lost their homes while also suffering long term injuries and medical needs. Today, these families continue to experience severe economic hardship, as they struggle to secure basic necessities such as food, adequate shelter, medical attention and clothes, during the coldest months of the year.

By providing food, you can help families survive the cold winter months while also helping more children to stay in school.

Over 500 hundred families will receive food baskets this winter. We can help families break the cycle and stigma of poverty by helping their children stay in school ; ultimately, helping them reach their true and full potential.

Organization Information : CHILD FOUNDATION

Budget : €5,799

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