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Street Lawyers, Doctors, Hope Buses for Iraqi Kids


Titre : Street Lawyers, Doctors, Hope Buses for Iraqi Kids

Pays : Irak

Date : 2017-06-12 // 2021-06-14

The Iraqi Children Foundation intervenes in the lives of children who are vulnerable to abuse, neglect, and exploitation by criminals, human traffickers, and extremists. Street Lawyers, social workers, doctors, and Hope Buses deliver education, food, legal protection, medical care, and psycho-social services to at-risk orphans, child laborers, street kids, and the disabled.

According to UNICEF, there were an estimated 800,000 orphans by the end of the Iraq war. During the time of ISIS, an estimated 1.3 million kids were displaced. Thousands of child laborers and street kids beg, sell items on the streets, collect cans at the dump, or work in risky workplaces. Many suffer from trauma and lack legal documents to attend school and get government benefits. These kids are at high risk of abuse, neglect, and exploitation by criminals, traffickers, and extremists. Présentation
Protect. Nurture. Empower. Street Lawyers work with the community, police, and judges to protect and defend kids who are arrested or victims of trafficking. They obtain legal documents for kids to go to school and get food and other benefits. Doctors intervene with medical care and social workers address child labor, trauma, abuse and neglect. The colorful Hope Buses deliver tutoring, nutrition, psycho-social services, and fun to orphans and at-risk children.

These loving services promise to continue to be life-changing. From May 2016 - Feb 2022 : *1,792 children received legal protection, anti-trafficking support, and more from Street Lawyers ; *1,788 children got legal documents required for school and benefits ; *1,334 children received social services to end child labor and abuse, access health care, etc. *562 children got tutoring and meals on the Hope Buses. More funds means more high impact help for these voiceless kids.

Organization Information : Iraqi Children Foundation, Inc.

Budget : 242 335 USD

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