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Help 100 Iraqi Women Launch a Business


Titre : Help 100 Iraqi Women Launch a Business

Pays : Irak

Date : 2007-06-07 // 2007-08-08

Women in the program will receive rights awareness training, job skills training, small business development support, and access to capital to help them participate in the rebuilding on their country.

Women in Iraq have survived war, sanctions and Saddam Hussein’s oppressive regime. Now they are faced with an economic environment that offers few opportunities for them to earn a living. The overwhelming concern for women in urban Iraq is how to earn an income so they can support their families. WWI’s program will focus on the most disenfranchised women in south central Iraq, to help them find ways to earn an income, and therefore to rebuild their lives and communities.

100 women will receive small-business training in areas such as pricing and marketing, assistance in writing a business plan, and loans of equipment, raw materials or funds to launch their business.

Women for Women International’s Iraq office served a total of 1,300 women since 2003, benefiting an additional 7,800 family and community members.

Organization Information : Women for Women International

Budget : €18,073

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