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Emergency Response for Severe Weather Affected in Nangrahar and Laghman


Titre : Emergency Response for Severe Weather Affected in Nangrahar and Laghman

Pays  : Afghanistan
Localisation : Laghman Province

Code : 020_001531

Date de clôture : 2015-04-07

IRA has immediately mobilised its staff under the leadership of its CD and humanitarian team, in addition to staffs from some projects in the affected areas as well as community volunteers and is involved in response on the ground. At the same time, recruitment of emergency response personnel is underway and is expected to be finalized by March,8th, 2015. In the meanwhile, most of the main HR requirements on the ground are temporary filled from a roster of the recently implemented winterization Project in Nangarhar, and central region. The whole project team is currently collaborating with IRA in the assessments and the delivery of aid to most of the areas that were previously covered by IRA activities and currently affected by the floods. With a dedicated Humanitarian Coordinator , a new project team that is currently been recruited and the collaboration of former IRA staffs who are originally from the same area and who are quite familiar with the communities, IRA is best positioned to successfully plan and implement this intervention. Based on the rapid Need Assessment and coordination with other humanitarian organisation IR Afghanistan has decided to respond in terms of food and non-food items initially and target the most affected provinces such as Nangarhar and lagman. The composition of food packages is decided by the Senior Management Team (SMT) considering the eating habits of the people and by calculating the required nutrition and energy level as per standards. Goal To save the lives Extreme Weather affected families in the affected provinces Objective To provide basic food items and Non Food Items to help the targeted Families cope with the emergency situation. To reduce mortality, disabilities, malnutrition and serious sicknesses among the Affected individuals by helping them survive from the disaster.

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Financement : Islamic Relief Malaysia
Value (GBP) : 9 978

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