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Basic Health Services and Drug Rehabilitation Proje


Titre : Basic Health Services and Drug Rehabilitation Project

Pays  : Afghanistan
Localisation : Tashgozar Village, Shor Tepa District, Balkh Province

Code : 020_001559

Date de clôture : 2017-04-14

The project is designed to afford basic health services and drug abuse treatment for local residents of the area. The village is partially secure and remote area, with traditional life conditions and poor socioeconomic situation. The project will deliver the following services : 1. All basic health services (i.e. PHC, MCH, EPI, HE, Lab.) 2. Case finding, admission, detoxification and follow up of drug addicted people which unfortunately number of these people is not less in this village. 3. The clinic is registered with Ministry of Public Health and ministry recommended IRA to continue the service, as they didn’t budget it for the next few years.

Bénéficiaires : 40 000

Financement : Islamic Relief Netherlands
Value (GBP) : 211 598

Islamic Relief Worldwide

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