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Winterisation Assistance to Conflict Induced IDPs and Vulnerable Families in Afghanistan 2017 – 2018


Titre : Winterisation Assistance to Conflict Induced IDPs and Vulnerable Families in Afghanistan 2017 – 2018

Pays  : Afghanistan
Localisation : Kabul, Bamyan

Code : 020_002562

Date de clôture : 2018-03-31

Islamic Relief Afghanistan, through this winterization project, will respond to the immediate needs of families affected by the harsh weather in the Kabul province. The immediate needs identified by the IRA team are food items and Firewood to make up the winterization packages. IRA through this project will provide 304 packages to the target families, made up of conflict induced families, returnees and vulnerable people. The food packages designed for these families are the standard package introduced by the food security cluster ; this is done by calculating the minimum standard needs of an average family of 7 during emergencies. Below is the specification for each package : Food item : 1. Wheat flour : 50 kg / per family 2. Bean : 7 kg 3. Oil : 10 liters 4. Rice : 10 kg 5. Salt : 2 Kg Non-food item (NFI) : includes Firewood 400 KGs/Month) per family. This is because there are no other reliable sources of heat energy available to protect children, PLW (Pregnant and Lactating Women) or older people during such harsh winter conditions. The NFIs will be selected based on the need assessment of the target area. IRA will form a beneficiary selection committee composed of representatives from local community leaders, government line departments and IRA staff. This committee will be oriented on the beneficiary selection criteria’s and the humanitarian principles. This committee will be assigned to start the survey and selection of beneficiaries by conducting door to door visits in the targeted sites of the Kabul province. The beneficiary selection survey will be conducted only for the affected families and for those who face the emergency situation due to the harsh weather.

In addition, IR will also follow the following criteria for eligibility of the families for assistance : • Female headed family • Child Headed Family • Large Families ; Family Members more than 7 • Chronically ill headed Family • Disabled Headed Family • Families taking care of orphan children • The poorest families with monthly income range less than 2000 Afs. • Pregnant/ lactating mothers in the family • Families taking care of elderly (Aging above 60) or elderly headed family • Family with little/ no access to market IRA CD, National Program Manager and the M&E coordinator will closely monitor the entire beneficiary selection process from the ground, and will ensure that all humanitarian principles are in place during the selection process of beneficiaries and distribution of the winterization items. The distribution will be planned and managed by IRA staff, and will be closely coordinated with the committee members in the target locations. In addition to that, it will also be in line with Afghan government strategy to deter any duplication of intervention. IRA will inform the beneficiaries of the nearest locations accessible to the target community in order to receive their packages on the distribution day. The packages will be distributed to the selected beneficiaries while resubmitting tokens to the IRA team. Crosschecking of beneficiaries will be a normal practice during distribution. Tokens and lists, along with beneficiaries’ identification documents, will be checked in order to ensure that the package reaches to the selected and deserving people.

Bénéficiaires : 4 200

Financement : Partner Development SBU - Formerly Emerging Markets (IRW)

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