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Assisting Deadliest Strike Affected Families in Kabul


Titre : Assisting Deadliest Strike Affected Families in Kabul

Pays  : Afghanistan
Localisation : Kabul

Code : 020_002396

Date de clôture : 2017-12-31

Islamic Relief Afghanistan through this humanitarian emergency response project will support the immediate needs of recently affected families in Kabul province. The immediate needs to the target group is highly varied from family to family. IRA has conducted interviews with affected families and found out that the most suitable response to mentioned families will be distribution of cash. Through this type of intervention, each family will be able to get/purchase the required materials from local market, and would be the most appropriate way to support them and cover their little part deadliest strikes grievances. IRA as a part of cluster coordination mechanism and strong member in emergency response will coordinate with the relevant ministries and with emergency response cluster to reach the affected families in very short time. IRA through this project will distribute cash to the affected families while after a through indemnification and verification through various mechanism. Each affected family will be provided with Afs 13000 whom have lost their family members. Afs 8000 for severely injured or permanently handicapped and Afs 5000 for the families their member has got normal injuries. IRA will form a committee consisting of IRA staff, government line directorates, and the community people to initially obtain the list of the affected families and then start the verification survey and selection of beneficiary by conducting door to door visit to affected families in Kabul province. IRA CD, National Program Manager and the M&E coordinator will closely monitor the whole process of beneficiary selection from the ground and will ensure that all humanitarian principles are in place during the selection process of beneficiary and distribution of cash. The distribution of cash will be planned and managed by IRA staff, and will be closely coordinated with the committee members in the target locations. IRA will inform the beneficiary to the nearest locations accessible to the target community to receive their cash on the distribution day. The cash will be distributed to the selected beneficiaries (male and female) while resubmitting the tokens to the IRA team. Crosschecking of beneficiaries will be a normal practice during distribution. Tokens and lists along with beneficiaries’ identification documents will be checked in order to ensure that the cash reaches to the selected and deserving people.

Bénéficiaires : 2800

Financement : Islamic Relief Canada
Value (GBP) : 62,375

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