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Assisting Orphans Education


Titre : Assisting Orphans Education

Pays  : Afghanistan
Localisation : Jalalabad, Nangrahar province

Code : 020_001758

Date de clôture : 2017-11-14

Islamic Relief Afghanistan has been successfully implementing Provision of Quality Education to Orphans projects in Nangrahar Province of Afghanistan in Jalalabad with the kind support of Islamic Relief USA which enabled orphans access to education and provided them a conducive educational environment. Based on the lessons learnt from the previous orphan’s education projects and Islamic Relief’s international best practices globally, IR Afghanistan is proposing this project with the aim to provide quality education to 658 orphans in Nangrahar and Bamyan provinces through improved sustainable livelihoods and skill enhancement. This project is envisaging a shift from orphanage based approach to community based approach through improved family livelihoods, skill enhancement, hygiene promotion and child rights awareness raising. The direct project participants will be 658 orphan and households in targeted areas. They do not have significant productive assets ; low and irregular income ; land-less or limited access to land ; do not have potential livelihood options ; do not have adequate skills and capital to enhance livelihood ; and are not united to build networks and attend rights. So we should have comprehensive program to support children include all essential elements including food, health care, education, clothes, shoes, bedding, child right awareness support, economic self-sufficiency, etc. Following an integrated and participatory approach IRA will implement this project in close partnership with the Department of Labor and Social Affairs (DOLSA) and in line with the government national and provincial strategies. All activities will be implemented in a logical and practical order and as per the project work plan to maximize its intended outputs. A multilayer minoring mechanism will be in place. At the exit of the project the department of education, DOLSA is expected to take over activities the project and sustain it

Bénéficiaires : 4 658

Financement : Islamic Relief USA
Value (GBP) : 352,400

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