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Supporting Education through Health Assistance and Treatment (SEHAT)


Titre : Supporting Education through Health Assistance and Treatment (SEHAT)

Pays  : Afghanistan
Localisation : Kabul

Code : 020_001803

Date de clôture : 2018-05-31

The registered orphans by IR Afghanistan in one to one (1-2-1) Sponsorship comes from the poorest families in Afghanistan who don’t have access to basic education and health facilities, their access to education has been addressed through 1-2-1 sponsorship program while their need for health care is not met yet, which left negative impact on achievement of expected results related to their access to education. Therefore, the project aims to address the health problems which the orphans and their families face, by providing free health services to the orphans, their mothers and siblings below the age of 18, through mobile clinics at the community level for their minor health problems and referral systems to a contracted standard private hospital in case they have serious medical condition. The projects corresponds to the needs of orphans in an integrated way and cater for the health & Hygiene, water availability and awareness raising regrading education and child rights among families and siblings of orphans. The project also focuses on prevention from diseases, hygiene education and improved sanitation of the families through public awareness and provision of potable water. In order to cover IR Afghanistan registered orphans the project activities will be implemented in four provinces of Afghanistan, where IR Afghanistan has 1-2-1 services to the registered orphans. These provinces are Kabul, Bamyan, Nangarhar and Balkh which are the IR Afghanistan coverage areas and have field offices there. The project will be implemented in close collaboration with the Health department and respective ministries including community groups. Health department will at the end sustain these activities at the exit of the project. Finally the overall objective of the project is to enable orphan children to focus on the education by improving their health status.

Bénéficiaires : 312 500

Financement : Islamic Relief Canada
Value (GBP) : 553,685

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