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Microfinance to Widows and Young People Without Jobs in the City of NDjamena


Titre : Microfinance to Widows and Young People Without Jobs in the City of NDjamena

Pays  : Tchad
Localisation : Ndjamena

Code : 020_001902-01

Date de clôture : 2017-05-31

To improve the living conditions of the most vulnerable widows and young people without- jobs in the city of Ndjamena, Islamic Relief Worldwide Chad will support initially 50 beneficiaries with microfinance activities in N’djamena. A total of 5 groups from both widows’ women and young unemployed people will be identified and established. These groups will be formed and receive training on how to run their Microfinance projects. The number of beneficiaries will increase as soon as the first groups repay the loans. In a one year period the number of beneficiaries is expected to reach 100 HHs and 10 groups or associations will be established. Each selected group opens a bank account ; the bank accounts of the groups are maintained by contribution from member to support banks charges and fees. The account number will be communicated to the beneficiaries for the repayments of the loans .The warranty is based on physical collateral for individual loans with responsibility for the group. The members of the group are universally liable for the repayment of a member failed through the Fund of the group. The microfinance will be based on the principle of Islamic finance Qard hasan where the beneficiaries of the loans must pay only the principal amount that they contracted. Loans will rotate between members of groups (rotating funds). The life of the loans varies according to the performance of the beneficiaries for duration of 3-6 months After approval of the records of loans by IRW, each association/group selected receives a check of a total amount assessed for each member and recorded in a contract signed between the representative of the association/groupings and IRW. The payment process will be through the representative of selected groups. After withdrawal, the amount is divided between the members in accordance with the need in case of each member. For the repayment of loans, a calendar of maturity of repayments will be established for all members of associations by the project staff. At the end of the due date, the responsible associations collect funds and deposit it in the project account. The associations having balance on their loans will present their micro-projects for a second term of loans. The microcredit section of the Ministry of Social Action and the Family will be involved in project implementation and evaluation. The Ministry will ensure the microcredit groups/associations processes are in accordance with the powers conferred on microfinance.

Bénéficiaires : 300

Financement : Islamic Relief Mauritius
Value (GBP) : 50,000

Islamic Relief Worldwide

Page publiée le 11 juillet 2022