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School Feeding for Vulnerable School Children in Gore


Titre : School Feeding for Vulnerable School Children in Gore

Pays  : Tchad
Localisation : Gore

Code : 020_002073-01

Date de clôture : 2017-08-31

The proposed 9 months intervention is a school feeding project for vulnerable school children that will cover two schools (A & B) in returnees’ camp of Danamadja in Goré area in Southern part of Chad. The project budget is USD 100,000 (75,687.04 GBP). The project aims to ensure and improved education, health and nutrition conditions of school-age children in two schools on the returnees’ camp of Danamadja in Gore area. The interventions expected outcomes are : 1. Increased enrolment, attendance and retention rates amongst the children in the target schools 2. Increased use of mid-day meals and related services and supplies by school children enrolled in the targeted schools The project will support the returnees and host communities to be able to deal with pressures arisen from their living condition and provided a strong incentive to retain children at school. It allows children to focus on their studies rather than their hunger and contribute to increasing school enrolment and attendance rates whilst decreasing drop-out rates, and improving cognitive abilities. The project target is a total number of 2,500 school children (1,255 Boys, 1,245 girls) who are enrolled in 2 schools (A & B) in Danamadja returnees’ camp. The project will be implemented in coordination with the local authorities of education, school PTAs and school administration and local communities

Bénéficiaires : 1 250

Financement : Emerging Markets Department (IRW)
Value (GBP) : 78,499

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