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Help 24 families build an ecotourism hub in Jordan


Titre : Help 24 families build an ecotourism hub in Jordan

Pays : Jordanie

Date : 2009-12-16 // 2010-06-30

Ajloun is one of the most beautiful regions in Jordan, but also the poorest. Help 24 local families earn an income from ecotourism, while preserving the culture and beauty of this region.

The province of Ajloun in northern Jordan struggles with crippling unemployment. Ajloun’s people can no longer survive on their traditional livelihoods of subsistence farming. Many have left their villages in search of work, and many more are employed in activities that damage the local environment. This project offers 24 families a different future, opening opportunities for them to use skills and knowledge they already possess in cooking, hospitality, etc. to earn much-needed income.

The funds raised will support the creation and promotion of a community-run guest lodge. The lodge will be a hub of tourism activities, including a visitor center, a restaurant, guest rooms, an office, and a community space for meetings and events.

Tourism in the Ajloun area is increasing rapidly. Visitors to the Al Ayoun walking trail increased from 200 in 2008 to over 2,000 in 2009. Creating this guest house will ensure that the local community benefits directly from increasing tourism.

Organization Information : Abraham’s Path Initiative

Budget : €950

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