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Paint murals with 300 Syrian Refugee children


Titre : Paint murals with 300 Syrian Refugee children

Pays : Jordanie

Date : 2017-11-28 // 2019-12-03

Syrian refugee youth have experienced the trauma of war and displacement from their communities and now face an uncertain future in a desert refugee camp with limited opportunities or hope for the future. Through collaborative, participatory public art- making, our initiative will promote healing, resilience and a transformational experience in which Syrian artists and children will become agents of social change in their communities by creating 3 percussive sculptures and 15 murals.

Our initiative seeks to address the trauma and stigma experienced by children in the Azraq Syrian Refugee Camp, where 32,000 refugees survive in a harsh, desert environment. Despair and violence erode the cohesiveness of the family and community structures. Many youth lack positive social environments to form healthy relationships with their peers and adults. Few opportunities exist to connect with the outside world or express oneself creatively, intensifying the feelings of isolation.

Artolution will provide training and support to local Syrian artists, who will then mentor local youth as they create murals, sculptures, and public performances in the refugee camp. Workshops will focus on storytelling, which enables youth to shape their narrative and launch transformative social change. Our initiative will provide an artistic platform for communities to express and share their struggles, which will facilitate their collective healing.

We envision this initiative directly impacting 3,000 Syrian children each year, providing transformative experiences that improve self-confidence among participants, reduce stigma, strengthen connections in the community, and foster open dialogues about critical issues. Young Syrians will experience mentorships and form healthy relationships with positive adults, leading to social inclusion and stronger connections with society, laying the foundation for long-term transformational change.

Organization Information : Artolution

Budget : €6,210

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