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Build Community through Sport for Girls in Jordan


Titre : Build Community through Sport for Girls in Jordan

Pays : Jordanie

Date : 2020-03-09

We create safe and inclusive spaces for over 200 local and refugee girls ages 6-18 in Jordan to thrive by playing sports, working with coaches, and building community. Through soccer, basketball, and frisbee programming in Amman and Zarqa, Reclaim Childhood uses the power of sport and play to help participants make new friends across nationalities, develop new skills, and just be kids in a world that offers them few opportunities to do so.

Jordan hosts over 700,000 refugees - the 2nd-highest number per capita in the world - but there are few opportunities for refugees from diverse backgrounds and Jordanians to engage with each other. Girls are disproportionately affected by this context, as refugee and Jordanian girls alike have little access to sport and culturally acceptable public spaces. Many girls say they only leave their houses to go to school, while nearly half of all refugee girls describe themselves as socially isolated.

Reclaim Childhood gets girls out of the house and onto the field, offering them the chance to participate regardless of nationality or refugee status. Run by our all-female Jordanian and refugee coaching staff, practices combine teambuilding and the development of socioemotional and leadership skills. Through sport, girls from across 8 nationalities get to know new teammates, break down barriers to inclusion, and build new support networks and communities in the face of the refugee crisis.

After time in RC programming, participants say that they view themselves as leaders, that they have strong female role models in their lives, and that they have built friendships across nationalities. These outcomes are equally important for refugees and their Jordanian neighbors - we aim to empower girls across the country to build resilience, improve their quality of life, and go on to re-imagine and create a new future for both themselves and their communities.

Organization Information : Reclaim Childhood, Inc.

Budget : €36,563

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