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Share the Story of Abraham’s Path


Titre : Share the Story of Abraham’s Path

Pays : Jordanie

Date : 2012-09-17 // 2013-10-15

Help us discover and share the stories of the people, places, and traditions along Abraham’s Path in our first ever guidebook ! Abraham’s Path, a walking route of 5,000 km in the Middle East, transforms the 4,000 year old story of Abraham’s journey—a story shared by more than 3 billion people worldwide—into a contemporary catalyst for community-based and sustainable eco- tourism ; a platform for cross-cultural exchange and mutual understanding ; and a beacon of global citizenship.

No greater challenge faces the world today than bridging the gulf of misunderstanding that exists between the West and the Middle East. There is an old saying that some conflicts are so difficult that only a story can heal them. By sharing the story of Abraham’s journey, of his values of undiscriminating kindness towards strangers, and of the same hospitality shared by his ancestors today, we are reminded that what unites us is far greater than what divides us. For more :

On Abraham’s Path, people from all walks of life, nations, and cultures walk side-by-side guided by local guides, sharing meals together and staying in rural homestays. Here, mutual understanding is created -step by step. The publishing of an Abraham’s Path guidebook will inspire more people to walk the Path, providing opportunities for deepened understanding - page by page. The guidebook will propel the Path from its current 450 km in 4 countries to its end goal of 5,000 km across 10 countries !

Abraham’s Path is a powerful tool for reconnecting the fractured human family. Stories about Abraham’s Path have already begun to lend encouragement to voices of reconciliation and respect. Rural communities where the Path traverses, which have been overlooked by the traditional tourism industry, now see new opportunities for socio-economic growth. With your support, we can continue to build a Path that reaches back into our common origins, and leads us forward towards a more hopeful future !

Organization Information : Abraham’s Path Initiative

Budget : €2,078

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