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Relief Assistance for Syrian Refugees in Jordan


Titre : Relief Assistance for Syrian Refugees in Jordan

Pays : Jordanie

Date : 2012-11-28 // 2018-04-19

The Syrian civil war has been caused by the vast number of Syrian refugees in Jordan is more than 655,400. About 80,000 of them are living in the Za’atari Refugee Camp where the largest in Jordan is. More than 80% of them are evaluating in cities so called "Host Community". JEN’s project has been moving into the long term empowerment for the people fled from Syria to Jordan.

Jordan is 92% desert and the fourth most arid country in the world. It has scorching summers and winters that occasionally reach sub-zero temperature. Water supplies are limited, and causing health and hygiene problems, such as water born disease.

JEN’s priority is not only assisting to maintain the hygiene environment, but also, encouraging a community empowerment. For the camp, supporting newly established communities were vital. For the host communities, supporting the relationship between the residents and refugees are vital

Since the withdrawal of Za’atari camp in March 2018, JEN’s priority is to focus on supporting educational environment by providing Hygiene education in schools has been carrying on. Also, psycho-social care for all ages will help to mediate the trauma. Furthermore, the training in the camp may give hopes the refugees, since they could find out a decent job in the future with peace.

Organization Information : Japan Emergency NGO (JEN)

Budget : €9,071

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