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Online Model UN Connecting Global Youth (Jordan)


Titre : Online Model UN Connecting Global Youth (Jordan)

Pays : Jordanie

Date : 2014-03-01 // 2014-08-14

Online Model UN (O-MUN) will begin to take deserving high school students to traditional MUN and leadership conferences. Currently O-MUN connects high school students, free of charge, anywhere in the world via social media and an online conference room. In this entirely student-driven program, young people debate and collaborate on some of the world’s most pressing problems. Deserving students will now be able to experience traditional MUN programming, prohibitively expensive for many.

Most educational systems, in developed and developing countries alike, do not emphasize global education, particularly around complicated international issues. Digital citizenship and technology skills are often not taught due to lack of resources. Students able to access O-MUN learn these 21st century skills, and to empower young people to be role models and leaders for others

O-MUN,by promoting of global ed, digital citizenship skills and global leadership through its free online program, will now be able to take motivated students to life changing conferences, and to provide them with real leadership opportunities. MUN is a transformative educational experience for many, and by extending opportunities for young leaders, in turn promotes civic engagement, problem solving, empathetic listening, and collaboration. O-MUN programming is a global leadership incubator.

It is hard to place a value on an educated global citizenry, skill-ready young people ready to tackle challenging issues. Motivated Model UN leaders are well placed to impact their communities through their choice of careers, and to have the voice and confidence to inspire change in others. Motivated MUN leaders are often change agents in their own schools, and they seek to replicate the experiences they have had through the program in the hopes of sharing it with others.

Organization Information : Online Model United Nations

Budget : €4,626

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