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Support Azraq Refugee Camp in Jordan


Titre : Support Azraq Refugee Camp in Jordan

Pays : Jordanie

Date : 2016-10-24 // 2018-12-27

The high number of Syrian refugees now living in Jordan has overwhelmed the country’s healthcare system, which struggles to adjust to increased patient loads and shortages of medicines and vaccines. International Medical Corps is providing primary healthcare, secondary care and mental health support to Syrian refugees living in Jordan’s camps, urban settings and rural areas. In the Azraq Refugee Camp, the largest camp in Zarqa Governorate, our health teams operate three clinics and a hospital.

International Medical Corps is the only healthcare provider in the overcrowded Azraq Camp. The Azraq Refugee Camp Hospital serves a population of around 35,000 refugees, and the hospital’s Maternity Unit delivers over 100 babies per month, on average. International Medical Corps has assessed the Maternity Unit and identified gaps in essential services that ensure that all mothers and babies receive quality care before, during and after birth.

Susan Collyer, International Medical Corps’ Country Director in Jordan, says, "Partnerships with global organizations enable us to reach more vulnerable women, children and men who require essential services." In addition to other supplies, the Azraq Maternity Unit urgently needs the following equipment : CBC (Hematology) system ; Cobas C -111 Analyzer for chemistry testing ; 2D Portable Ultrasonic Maternal Diagnostic Device ; and Fetal Monitor ECG/NST.

As a preeminent First Responder, experience has shown International Medical Corps that the best way to create long-term impact is to invest in healthcare services and hygiene promotion to address the needs of both refugees and host communities. Support for the Azraq Refugee Camp Hospital’s Maternity Unit will help International Medical Corps provide high quality pre-natal and post-natal care and safe deliveries for mothers and babies living in the camp.

Organization Information : International Medical Corps

Budget : €14,720

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