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Help Us Educate Syrian Refugees in the Middle East


Titre : Help Us Educate Syrian Refugees in the Middle East

Pays : Jordanie

Date : 2017-06-19 // 2018-03-05

The conflict in Syria has fueled the worst refugee crisis since the end of World War 2. There are over 5 million Syrian refugees in the Middle East, half of whom are children. Since April 2015, Libraries Without Borders has used the Ideas Box, an innovative tool for humanitarian emergencies, to provide Syrian refugees in Jordan, Iraq, and Lebanon with opportunities to learn, grow, cope, heal and prosper in the midst of conflict. We seek funding to expand our efforts in 2017

The refugee experience often leads to complex mental health needs with drastic, long-term effects, including learning difficulties & depression. The Ideas Box is a mobile, pop-up library that creates a safe & dynamic space where refugees can engage in creative techniques such as drawing, reading, writing, storytelling & unstructured play, which build resilience, encourage healing after trauma & promote improved psychological well-being & social functioning

Organization Information : Libraries Without Borders

Budget : €5,008

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