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Integrated Emergency Response and Recovery Project affected Communities in Meisso and Afdem District


Titre : Integrated Emergency Response and Recovery Project affected Communities in Meisso and Afdem District

Pays  : Ethiopie

Code : 020_002218

Date de clôture : 2018-02-28

Ethiopia is struggling with the worst El Niño-induced drought in 50 years, resulting in a major on-going food security emergency in central and eastern part of the country. National estimates indicate that more than 10.2 million people are affected. The government of Ethiopia requested the support of INGOs, bilateral aid agencies and private sectors to contribute in responding to the crises. Somali Regional State, one of the nine regional states of the country, is one of the most affected regions. Districts such as Meisso and Afdem in the Sitti zone of the Somali regional state are in need of immediate support. The support by different bodies is so far very limited compared to the needs on the ground. The Joint Government and Humanitarian Partner Document recently released a report, (HRD, 2017) which identified funding requirements for Food, WASH, Health and nutrition, education in emergency, agriculture and Livelihoods, emergency shelter and relief items for the displaced, and targeted assistance for women and children. IRE is responding to the government call in areas where it has operational presence, Somali and Afar Regional States. This project is part of its response to support the drought affected communities in the two districts of the Somali region. The overall objective of the project is improved access to food, health, water and sanitation for 49 695 droughts affected direct beneficiaries and restoring the livelihoods of those most affected including children, women and men of all ages and abilities in the two districts. The main outcomes of the proposed project are : contribute to reduction of morbidity and mortality related to severe and moderate acute malnutrition, improved water access and basic hygiene and sanitation of the target population, enhanced livelihood recovery of pastoralist and agro pastoralists and enhanced capacity on DRR gender-sensitive aged and disability inclusivity in local the development plan. A number of activities will be undertaken to realize the envisaged overall objective and outcomes. The project components include emergency nutrition, emergency WASH, livelihood recovery and capacity building support. The implementation strategy of the project will give due attention to the participation of target community and local government officials and other actors who have stake in the project. IRE field office in the target area will be responsible for the day to day implementation and routine monitoring of the project and IRE sector coordinators will support the field office technically along with the emergency manager. The IRE M&E coordinator will be responsible for periodic monitoring and evaluation of the project

Bénéficiaires : 49 695

Financement : Islamic Relief Sweden
Value (GBP) : 682 605

Islamic Relief Worldwide

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