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Rapid Response for Oromo IDPs (RARESCO) in Ethiopia


Titre : Rapid Response for Oromo IDPs (RARESCO) in Ethiopia

Pays  : Ethiopie

Code : 020_002759

Date de clôture : 2018-09-01

IR Ethiopia seeks to respond to emergency precipitated by the conflict between Somalis in Somali region and Oromos in Oromia region. Due to historic difference between this two communities, a conflict erupted and displaced significant number of vulnerable women, children and elderly residing close to the Somali region. IDPs lack essential services to restore dignity and enable them to rebuild their lives while in the camps. IRE was approached by UNOCHA and the regional authority to provide a humanitarian response within shortest time possible. Based on our frequent interagency coordination meetings and spot checks among the proposed target group, we are intending to roll out WASH intervention consisting of daily water trucking for a period not more than one month as one way of addressing personal hygiene and access to safe drinking water. In addition, IDPs will also receive water storage facilities, water disinfectants, soaps and hysan sessions To restore dignity and enable them access culturally and nutritional balanced food and also empowering them to pay for essential services, IRE will disburse cash to 3,000 individuals each receiving $ 44 for a period of 3 months. Based on the initial needs assessment, IR Ethiopia found that cash transfers were the most effective, appropriate and quick way of ensuring the affected IDPs are able to access food and other essential items such as medicine and clothes.

Bénéficiaires : 3 000

Financement : Islamic Relief USA
Value (GBP) : 159 905

Islamic Relief Worldwide

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