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Emergency Response for Flood Affected Communities in Dountza


Titre : Emergency Response for Flood Affected Communities in Dountza

Pays  : Mali

Code : 020_001980

Date de clôture : 2016-08-31

Following the heavy unexpected rain and flood in the town of Duentza, more than 160 families are affected, some of them lost their home and have been displaced, sheltered in schools and public facilities, some of them lost their household assets including food reserves, the communal water facilities are damaged and people are left without source for drinking water. The situation is much worse for women and children and their vulnerability is increased since they don’t have protection means. Following this situation, IR Mali field team in collaboration with the town disaster prevention and preparedness office made a rapid assessment and the assessment finding identified that ? Stricken families : 167 ? Persons affected : 1725 ? Houses which completely crumbled : 129 ? Cracked walls : 81 ? Collapsed toilets : 70 ? Animals killed including 5 hit by thunder : 18 ? Collapsed Domestic wells : 16 Considering this situation, IR Mali decided to assist the affected families in the area on emergency food assistance and WASH intervention which includes food assistance for two month, provision of NFIs (Blanket, aqua tab, mosquito net, utensils etc…

Bénéficiaires : 1 050

Financement : Islamic Relief UK
Value (GBP) : 10 000

Islamic Relief Worldwide

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