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Sahel Sans Soif


Titre : Sahel Sans Soif

Pays  : Mali
Localisation : Ouelessebougou, Diallakoroba, Sanancoro-Djitoumou, Tiele, Fara, Bougoula in South Mali

Code : 020_001239-02

Date de clôture : 2015-07-07

This project is an integrated development project that aims to improve health and sustainable nutritional well-being of beneficiaries through multi-sectoral improvements of schools and health centres and their immediate surroundings in 3 countries (Mali, Niger, Chad) in the Sahel by 2017. The main component of this project is a modern water supply system that will be set up by harvesting rain water and/or rehabilitating an existing borehole. The water supply system will be equipped with solar panels and water tanks, as well as water towers.

Bénéficiaires : 1 000

Financement : Islamic Relief Canada
Value (GBP) : 40 463

Islamic Relief Worldwide

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