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Vulnerable Community Development Action


Titre : Vulnerable Community Development Action

Pays  : Mali
Localisation : Soleinkore village in Dialakoroba rural commune, Ouelessebougou and NTentou in Ouelessebougou rural commune

Code : 020_001553

Date de clôture : 2016-03-31

This is an integrated development project intending to improve vulnerable groups’ welfare in food security, nutrition, water supply and hygiene promotion. It will be implemented in the village of Soleinkoré and Ouelessebougou (N’Tentou district). In fact, these village communities, which earn their income mainly from cotton production as the main cash crop, are experiencing an economic crisis linked to deterioration in cotton terms of trade, e.g. collapse of cotton prices on the international market. Faced with the collapse of the monetary value of this crop, their incomes are limited and their vulnerability increased. The alternative solution is to put the emphasis on grain crops and vegetables. However the area is experiencing a rainfall deficit year after year compromising the agricultural production performance and resulting to an early drying of water points. In this context the communities find it difficult to meet their basic needs including food and access to basic social services such as WASH. Therefore the living conditions are increasingly precarious especially for the most vulnerable groups which are single headed household (male and female), Elderly persons, disabled, widows and orphans . The present project proposes to improve the living conditions of these vulnerable groups in strengthening their production capacity and improving their access to WASH services. Indeed, the project envisages the implementation of a micro dam to retain the low quantities of rain water in order to increase the performance of agricultural productivity and market gardening, the installation of modern water point as the water distribution system supplied from solar energy and the rehabilitation of boreholes equipped with manual pump in order to improve communities access to drinking water in a sustainable way. In addition the project will strengthen the technical capacities of beneficiaries and will conduct a baseline in order to set a situation of reference which will allow to measure the changes following the intervention

Bénéficiaires : 1571

Financement : Islamic Relief Mauritius
Value (GBP) : 63 000

Islamic Relief Worldwide

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