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Renewable Energy in Safe Water Supply


Titre : Renewable Energy in Safe Water Supply

Pays  : Mali
Localisation : Sirakoro Dounfing, Bamako, Mali Sirakoro Dounfing and Sogonafing in Commune III , District of Bamako

Code : 020_001765

Date de clôture : 2016-05-31

The project address safe water issues affecting communities living in Sirakoro Dounfing and Sogonafing. In the decentralization context, community water supply mandate is given to City Hall. However they lack sufficient resources to provide safe water for all their citizens. These localities experienced frequent drinking water shortage due to the frequent drought years and non existence of the national water distribution service. The over exploitation of the existing borehole results in time loss(average 01hour in water fetching).The situation caused the frequent use of surface or traditional water points resulting in water-related diseases prevalence. School Girls are often retained by their mothers to help them with household tasks especially fetching water. Accordingly they are no longer able to properly follow lectures at school. The installation of the mini water distribution system will increase the availability of drinking water for all. Outcomes : Increased availability of safe water for 2400 persons including 1224 women living in Sirakoro Dounfing and Sogonafing by the end of the project Outputs : Increased access to permanent safe and protected water sources for 2400 people living in Sirakoro Dounfing and Sogonafing. Improved Knowledge and skills for the management committee members in water facility operation.

Bénéficiaires : 5 943

Financement : Middle East Department (IRW)
Value (GBP) : 26 389

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